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What is a social network?

What is a social network? - The social network is a group of people in some groups, such as a small rural community or neighborhood subcategories if you want. Although social networks, in particular, working at universities and colleges, is the most popular on the Internet.

social network


Families-and FriendsTh, because unlike most at school, College, or workplace, full of millions of people online, with others, they put together to gather and share information and experience food, golf, gardening, to develop a friendship with a trade association, to find a job, a business-to-business marketing and even with friends, vahetamineareneda information about cookies, cooking. Themes and interests as closely as possible the rich and diverse history of our universe.

If social networks online, which are often used in Web pages. This site is known as the social Web site. Social networking site with features such as an online community of Internet users. According to the web site, many of them are members of the online community has common interests, hobbies, religion, politics and alternative style. After you have given access to the social networking site, You can begin making contacts. Socialization includes the page to read and possibly contact them even from other members of the profile.

Are the only friends, you can do

Social networking on the Internet many advantages. Diversity benefits include both, there are people from all over the world, access to social networking sites on the Internet. This means that at the same time, if you are in the United States, online friendship could develop Denmark and India. Not only friends, but things that may be only one or two for a new language, a new culture or learning and learning good things.

As already mentioned, the social-networking-often put together by a particular person or organization. Although there are a number of social networking sites that focus on specific interests, there are others that do not. Site without having to approach is often referred to as "traditional" social networking website, and these are generally open to accession. This means it can be anyone, regardless of their interests, beliefs or opinions. However, if you're on in this community that can begin to create your own network of friends and colleagues don't have common interests or goals.

As you know, connect through social networks, including the emergence of viruses and data theft. The most common dangers and often involve Online predators or individuals who claim to be someone you are not. Although it is available in the network of online threats that exist in the real world. We also have an appointment with bars, pubs, and foreigners to keep up with at school or workplace-should continue to be careful online.

Security conscious you can enjoy their environment and Cyber talk about social networking on the Internet. Not a lot of calls, You know someone, but to really be able to make a decision, of course, until you can meet in person. Just common sense and listen to your inner voice; It tells You, if something goes online conversations are not always necessary.

If you are well informed and comfortable with the results, you can enter to start searching for hundreds of people in the network. This can be done easily through a standard Internet search. The search may return a number of results including MySpace, FriendWis, FriendFinder, Yahoo! 360, Facebook, Orkut, friends and the latest is google plus launched 2011

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